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Purchase of scrap vehicles!

We buy scrap metal and scrap vehicles and dispose of cars. We accept all types of vehicles for destruction. We accept all types of cars from businesses and residents for dismantling and disposal. We can pick up cars and other vehicles for disposal from where they are parked with our own transport.

Disposal of cars, no matter what the year, make or model!

We accept cars of various years, makes and models for disposal. The cars can be defective, non-running, crashed, used for parts or rusted, and do not need to have valid vehicle inspection or insurance. We also accept English-type cars with right-hand drive for disposal.
We offer disposal of:

  • cars;
  • trucks;
  • buses;
  • minibuses;
  • other vehicles.

We specialise in the disposal of:

  • running and non-running cars;
  • cars after an accident;
  • cars with defects;
  • old, rusted cars;
  • cars used for parts.

Licensed car disposal!
Our company’s activities are licenced, and we have all the necessary permits to buy and sell scrap metal and dispose of cars. Our scrap yards meet all environmental requirements and we have all the permits we need to operate in the areas of scrap metal and waste recycling.

Car disposal certificate!

We dispose of end-of-life vehicles. We issue car destruction/disposal certificates that you can submit to Regitra to deregister the car and end its service life. Each vehicle accepted for destruction is weighed, and then handover documents are drawn up and payment is made according to the scrap prices valid at that time.
Car disposal is carried out according to the following rules:
A vehicle may only be handed over for disposal by the owner or a person who has presented a power of attorney. If the owner of the car is a natural person, then the power of attorney must be notarised. If the owner is a legal entity, then it is enough for the power of attorney to be printed on the company's letterhead, signed by the director and stamped with the company's seal.
At the purchase site, the vehicle documents and registration data are checked and the identity of the person who delivered it is verified, and then an official certificate of destruction is issued for the vehicle. 


We are pleased that you are interested in our company’s activities!

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